Learning Python by doing #1. Introduction the basic

here we go, lets start with the definition of python. python is  a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. then what the beneficials of using python ?

Python strengths:

  • Great documentation and community
  • Very clean syntax
  • Readable code
  • Open source
  • Portable : Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Interactive : built-in interpreter
  • Code can be grouped in modules and packages
  • OOP ( Object-oriented programming

Python is used for :

  • Web development
  • Network applications
  • Scripting
  • Software testing
  • GUI development
  • Scientific applications
  • etc

oke lest make a good environtment, in this case i used kali linux for testing my python script if u have some another option linux distro u can use that, go open virtualbox or u can download in the official page. oke after that we are going to setting the virtual box.
go to file -> preferences -> network -> host only networks -> click twice
Adding a virtual adapter.png
right click in your virtual machine -> settings -> System -> Processor

Enable PAE NX
Network -> Adapter 2 -> ok
Setting up the Network Adapter

oke we are done, oke lets open your virtual machines and check your configuration !
if u used the debian distro u can use this command

#cat /etc/network/interfaces

and u will see your configuration adapters. now we are going to learning the basic of python first use your python command in terminal  and u will see the console. in this section we must import the modules first, oke what the definition of modules in python ?
A module is a file containing Python definitions and statements.

1. Knowing a dir and help command, for example:

#import sys
#help(sys) *showing a detail the sys modules
#dir(sys) *containing a sys statements that can be used

2. Make a script & execute it

#nano example.py
print raw_input(“Please fill what you want : “) *then exit ctrl+x -> y -> enter
#python example.py

3. Understanding a boolean operators

as u can see, i already give u a diagram of boolean operators, there are 3 boolean
AND, OR, NOT. oke lets try these all boolean

          command      result
(1==1) and (2==2)  true 
(1==2) and (2==3)  false
(1==1) or (2==2)     true 
(1==2) or (2==2)     true
(1==3) or (2==1)      false
not(1==1)                 false
not(1==2)                 true

4. Conversions between data types

Masalah dan Cara Mengatasi “Prior Visual Studio 2010 riquiring update” pada saat instalasi Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Dikempatan kali ini ane mau sedikit share tentang masalah dan cara mengatasi “Prior Visual Studio 2012 reiquiring update”
oke ini masalahnya

Failed State

sebenarnya cukup mudah untuk mengatasi masalah ini, pergi ke folder instalasi microsoft 2012 kamu, lalu pilih folder \redist\VisualStudioShell\ -> lalu exekusi  path yang  dibawah ini


tunggu beberapa saat


Kemudian Re-Run installasi Microsoft SQL 2012mu




sekarang lanjutkan proses instalasimu, semoga membantu 🙂